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Chief Executive Officer

Stephane FUND

He has an impressive track record in the software space:
  • Co-founded Bantry Technologies, SIM card software development house, which was sold to Trusted Logic SA/Gemalto
  • Founded Mi-Sphere Telecommunication Limited, which provided mobile applications to operators and brands under managed services agreements, which was subsequently sold to Zamano plc. Subsequent to the acquisition, Stephane was appointed Finance Director at Zamano, after which he moved to Telefonica
  • Founded Simulity in 2009 and held the position of CEO until the company was sold to ARM Holdings plc in mid-2017
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer


Hanène is TRASNA Solutions Technologies Chief Sales and Marketing Officer.
Hanène has over 25 years of experience in developing high-tech market business.
She has proven track record of design-win, business creation and market share growth in the Electronic industry.
She held management positions in large groups such as Philips, STMicroelectronics, ATMEL , and had a successful first experience as an entrepreneur with StarChip, which was sold to the Safran group.
Hanène Maupas holds a PhD in Integrated Electronics from Ecole Centrale de Lyon and a Master’s degree in Industrial Marketing from IDRAC/Groupe ESC Lyon.
Chief Technical Officer


Yves co-founded SAFE-IOT (now TRASNA) in November 2019 with the objective of entering the IOT communication chip design market.
Yves has over 30 years of experience in chip architecture, design, security,MCU, RF and DSP. He has more than 10 patents in his portfolio and holds a master’s degree in Applied Physics and a DEA in Microelectronics from the University of Paris VI (Pierre and Marie Curie Campus).
He has been one of the founders of StarChip (now IDEMIA) in 2009 and CTO for 10 years.During this time, he was in charge of a team of engineers who enabled StarChip to enter the SIM, banking, NFC banking and IoT markets by selling more than five billion chips to the largest card manufacturers.
Prior to this, Yves worked 10 years for ATMEL (now MicroChip), where he held the position of Design Leader in the Smart-Cards division.
He also worked 9 years at THOMSON-CSF (now Thales), where he began his career in 1990 in the military radio communications division.
Chief Financial Officer


Aine is an entrepreneurial leader, an accountant with a proven track record in helping businesses to overcome challenges in developing and implementing strategies for business growth, greater efficiencies and more successful outcomes.
As an experienced Board Director, Áine understands the need for organisations to have a clear focus on implementing the business strategy with good governance and transparency.
Áine is also former TD with extensive experience working in policy at government and industry level in both domestic and international markets. She is currently the president of CPA Ireland.


Over more than 2 decades working for innovation-driven large corporates, Jessica Westerouen van Meeteren has been leading global businesses through growth and transformation with focus on identity and security technologies for the public and private sector.
She has been involved in various acquisitions and was part of the management team in charge of the divestment of MORPHO and the creation of IDEMIA. With HID, she has been leading the Identity business unit through 3 acquisitions and growing the business threefold. She is recently appointed Vice President with Capgemini where she is leading large scale programs.
She is passionate about sustainability, diversity and purpose-driven challenges. She completed her economics degree in the Netherlands and spent most of her career abroad in Dubai, Paris and is currently based in Munich. Jessica was appointed Non-Executive Director of Trasna Solutions in May 2022.