We are committed to sustainability and environmental protection.

We consider environment in in all aspects of our business operations.


TRASNA is committed to sustainability and environmental protection. We do believe it is our responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment while maximizing our positive contributions on the society in which we live.
To achieve our sustainability goals, we have implemented a number of initiatives and strategies including:
  • The design of innovative IOT products with recyclable electronic components and materials.
  • The reduction of energy consumption in all our facilities using energy-sufficient technologies such as LED lighting, sensors to monitor heating and cooling systems.
  • The promotion of eco-friendly practices in all our offices including recycling, composting and reducing waste.
  • The closed collaboration with our suppliers to ensure they use environmentally-friendly practices in their operations
Sustainability has always been an integral part of TRASNA Corporate Strategy and Governance and we strongly believe our IOT devices powered by AI contribute to solve many of the ecological and societal challenges our world faces.