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Senior Vice President Innovation

Dr. Soumya Banerjee

Ph.D in Engineering, Senior Vice President Innovation, Trasna-Solutions Ltd.
(Senior Member-IEEE Computational Intelligence)

having an accomplished experience of 29 years in industrial research, teaching and consulting activities spanning from CNRS-INSA-De Lyon, INRIA- Paris, CEDRIC-CNAM Paris, TU-Munich, IRIDIA Belgium, TU Ostrava (Cz Republic), IMT Atlantique, France, Simula Lab- Norway, Yahoo Research, Meta (Face Book) Research on Social network analytics, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), ICICI Infotech, & Birla Institute of Technology (India).
He is specialized in design & development of traditional AI, Bio-inspired Optimization, Unsupervised Machine Learning, Statistical Machine Learning, Data science deployment, Mathematical model of Trust measures & validation, Blockchain protocol & new-consensus algorithms in several applications including connected devices & embedded systems.
He has published more than 160 research papers in top tier journals, peer reviewed conferences and book chapters e.g. IEEE, Elsevier, Spinger-Verlang, IGI-USA & CRC press & guided 14 Ph.D research scholars world-wide. He has also a few algorithm design patents to his credit. In addition, Soumya is acting as CTO & founder board member of Mext-Metaverse B2B Paris.
TRASNA Innovation RoadMap:
TRASNA belives on the principles of “all things sensed, all things connected & all things intelligent & secured” – envisaging the sensing of temperature, space and touch sense of smell, hearing and vision, connecting of ubiquitous, wide, multiple and deep connections & embedded with trusted AI capabilities. The niche & optimized algorithms of Trasna in IOT & embedded paradigm (justifying energy consumption, storage constraints & latencey of devices) will ensure:
  • Private Blockchain Repository on chip to consolidate overall storage, validation & secured communication,
  • PUF (Physically Uncloneable function) integration on Private Blockchain to prevent cloning & counterfeiting of devices,
  • Tiny Machine Learning & Tensor processing units for embedded devices.
Trasna’s enriched innovation begins with Secured Internet of Everything (sIoE)…. Let’s sense, touch & communicate everything secured and intelligent with TRASNA—- future of IOT.